Thursday, September 30, 2010

Physical, or Chemical Change?

We performed our first lab experiment and wrote our first lab report today. The purpose of the lab was to reinforce (or rather review) what we've learned about physical & chemical change. We witnessed examples of both changes during the lab.


Physical Change: the substance's state of matter changes; change is reversible
                              ie. the substance can go back to its original form
                             -NO new substance is formed

Chemical Change:a new substance IS formed
                              -change is irreversible, or exceptionally hard
                              -can be identified by a new odour, new colour, heat production, 
                               or gas formation

As some extra practice, identify whether the following are examples of physical or chemical change.

1. A towel absorbing all the water in a sink
2. Inflating a volleyball
3. Lighting a match
4. Chewing food
5. Digesting food
6. A rusting nail of a building's exterior
7. Clouds forming in the sky
8. Crushing ice in a blender
9. Explosion of fireworks
10. A rotting apple

You have now mastered the identification of changes!
Give yourself a pat on the back. (:
That's it for this post! Until next time~

Written by: Jialynn

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