Sunday, January 16, 2011

Molar VLOUME of a Gas at Standard Temperature and Pressure

what is STP?

it stands for Standard Temperature and Pressure.

equals to 1 atmosphere of pressure and a temperature at 0C or 273.15k.

At STP 1mole of gas pccupies 22.4L
therefore, 22.4L of gas/1 mole of gas OR 1 mole of gas/ 22.4L of gas

now lets take a look at some examples:

What is the volume occupied by 0.350 mol of SO2(g) at STP?
# of litres = 0.350mol x 22.4L/ 1mol =7.84L

How many moles of gas are contained in a balloon with a volume of 10.0L at STP?
# of moles = 10.0L x 1mol/ 22.4L =0.446 mol

Have fun with Molar Vloume!

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